Monday, December 22, 2014

Color Me: Peace

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Peace: "A parting phrase, in good manner" - UrbanDictionary

Peace: "5. cessation of or freedom from any strife ordissension.
             6. freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety, an obsesision, etc.;
             7. A state of tranquility or serenity."

Peace: "Such is a wonderful place." -Alekkz

Peace is the first word in PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect). Peace must have an extremely important role in character since it's the first that stands to lead the rest [love, unity, respect]. Without peace, none of the rest would follow through in harmony. Here is a couple short stories I would like to share before I go on.

People arrive and depart in everyone's lives. We are like human airports. New and the old leave dusty footprints in our airport to signifying they have come and some have left. There are two people from my past that keeps flying in and out of "my" airport. One is a girl and the other is a boy. I will label them as Jack and Jill.
[I just made a funny, the two real names start with the letter J and I didn't even realize until I reread what I wrote that Jack and Jill also start with the letters J. Must be a sign].

Ladies first.

I have known [of] Jill since my high school years. She is a younger and I hate to admit it but I have always been envious of her lifestyle. She comes from a wealthy family and has always had a plethora of materialistic pleasures. And still does. I like to categorize her as one of those who were "born into" a wealthy family. She's lucky and even luckier that she understands how blessed she is.

Having able to travel the world whether it be for pleasure or schooling... nonetheless, get's to leave the states and countries. Just like her travels, we have parted ways long ago at "my" airport ... We do not speak anymore but the world has become media savvy and humans just do everything on the internet. That includes myself. As we call it "facebook/instagram-stalking", we are all guilty of it.

Her life didn't ever seem to have any rocky mountains lying ahead of her but who knows, I don't know her personal life- just the ways she shows it to the world, photographs of memories she is willing to share. The way I see it, the female brain is a ton more complicated then male brains- which means Jill like any other female likes to only show the best of the best photos to show the world. No one wants to post a photo for the entire world to see that depicts depressing events. Quite the opposite, humans want to share wonderful life events.

People like me are the ones who sit behind a screen, scrolling through other people's lives while they enjoy every hour, so miserable at how life is treating me and thinking the world is so unfair. Like I said, I envy her for how her life seems so perfect...

Can't forget about Jack.

Now Jack's life isn't like Jill's, his is more relatable to Cinderella. Starts off with cinder across his face and eventually find's his faerie "godmother" but in this case- faerie "godfather". I met Jack when his life couldn't get any worse. That's when I realized my problems and stress is not like his. Of course each of our problems cannot be weighed equally as each person goes through a different journey.

Like Jill, we are connected through Instagram and aren't on speaking terms as he has left my airport as well. But through social media, both Jack and Jill come and go.

I had recently heard from someone that a new leaf has turned over for him. His life went from the dumps into fresh air. What used to be so challenging in his life looks to have made it worthwhile. The lesson I learned from his change in life, we may be struggling now and be depressing...but just keep holding on. You don't need to hold on tighter or longer, just keep holding on. Don't think about how long it's going to take  and rather, enjoy the ride while you can. Once you reach your destination, the next train will depart. The train never pauses before the next arrival.

So what happened to Jack? Well his faerie godfather shows up out of nowhere announcing that Jack's life is about to change completely for the rest of his life. He's always smiling whether it be in rubble or the clouds. Wealth. Fame. Happiness. Isn't that every human's dreams? Sure is mine.

I'm still waiting for my faerie godmother to show up and tell me I can stop cleaning the house and put a ball gown on and dance the night away. However, it seems my cinderella story has been mixed up. I technically do get to put on a gown, dance the night away but have return by midnight (2:00AM). Going to raves is how I feel about Cinderella and her ball with Prince Charming. Except, I get to go often every once in awhile with my own Prince Charming.

The main difference compared to myself, Jack, or Jill is... they always had a positive attitude and outlook on their lives. I recently watched the documentary: The Secret and how they talk about the "Law of Attraction". I am willing to give it a go. Think of positive things and the materials you wish to acquire and it will be drawn upon you whereas if you only think about the negatives in life, you attract more negativities.

My life has always been chaotic. The one thing that I ever wish for is "peace". Just even a moment of quiet serenity would make life so much easier. Everyone should find a place within their mind and environments where you can let yourself go, relax, and not worry about all the problems in the world.

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As UrbanDictionary states, "a parting phrase"... it means we should leave these at our doorsteps before walking out into the big bad world- stress, worry, depression, negativity, unhappiness, misery, and the others. You cannot achieve peace when holding on so tightly to negative matters in your life. It's hard I know. I've been there, done that, and still am battling the war within.

Just "let it go" as Elsa loves to sing about. But wait, isn't it "easier said than done"? Obviously, no doubt about it. Just take baby steps. It takes time.
[Today, I heard three songs consecutively that was about "time", I found that more than a coincidence as I was planning to write this post earlier in the day].

Once you let go of all the painful memories, that's only the beginning of a happily ever after ending. Memories collect dust on our shelves while we continue to add on more to the already fully-stocked shelves. After time, you start cramming more memories and eventually the shelves collapse. What can you do with those memories? You can flip through them- smile or cry one last time and let them go. You don't need them anymore.

Achieve "Peace" within the mind-
before you tackle on what is in front by working on what's inside the mind and soul.

The next battle you must carry on is a much harder path one must take... 
handling real-life situations.

That is when "Love" comes into play- 
you are not alone
[Coming soon on my next post].

Friday, December 19, 2014

Color Me PLUR.

Welcome to my blog as you may have stumbled upon this page whether it be fate or an accidental click on Google.

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Here is a brief intro about what this blog is about and whether it's worth your precious time to read.

1. I am a student learning as I go-- the unique world of raving and what PLUR means to each raver.
2. PLUR should be the way of life-- everyone go ahead and turn on you PLUR-vision.
3. A journey among the living-- in ways fate has created for me to experience life in PLUR.

Life throws unexpected curveballs in life and it depends on how we:
view, challenge, and accept those curveballs.

-- My name is Alekkz [A.K.A. Starshine or YinYang Faerie].
-- 22 years old [in a few weeks, can't wait to say I'm 23!]
-- Inpiring artist at heart [so many passions and ambitions overflow within].
-- A KandiKid Raver [in disguise, only if raves were an everyday lifestyle].
-- Author [of this upcoming blog].

I am looking forward to watching this blog grow like a seed blooming into a gorgeous flower.