Friday, December 19, 2014

Color Me PLUR.

Welcome to my blog as you may have stumbled upon this page whether it be fate or an accidental click on Google.

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Here is a brief intro about what this blog is about and whether it's worth your precious time to read.

1. I am a student learning as I go-- the unique world of raving and what PLUR means to each raver.
2. PLUR should be the way of life-- everyone go ahead and turn on you PLUR-vision.
3. A journey among the living-- in ways fate has created for me to experience life in PLUR.

Life throws unexpected curveballs in life and it depends on how we:
view, challenge, and accept those curveballs.

-- My name is Alekkz [A.K.A. Starshine or YinYang Faerie].
-- 22 years old [in a few weeks, can't wait to say I'm 23!]
-- Inpiring artist at heart [so many passions and ambitions overflow within].
-- A KandiKid Raver [in disguise, only if raves were an everyday lifestyle].
-- Author [of this upcoming blog].

I am looking forward to watching this blog grow like a seed blooming into a gorgeous flower. 

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