Thursday, May 21, 2015

Color Me: [R]esponsibility

They sleep undisturbed in their deep slumber. 
Here come's the shining light that awakes them from a long and dark sleep. 
They are not happy, they are angry from being awoken.
A war has stirred upon the clouds.

It was thus my responsibility to awaken them from these dark slumbers.

Truth be told, the statement above was already saved as a rough draft when I came upon this draft to finally complete it. I don't recall writing that at all, haha. Mysterious...

Anyways, on tonight's agenda comes the optional R in PLUR[R] but the task it represents is not optional when it stands for 'Responsibility'. 

Paradiso 2014 was my first rave/festival and luckily, there were no deaths. For Pete's sake, I didn't even know people died at raves/festivals [shows how under the scene I was with raves]. 

Freaknight 2014 was my second rave and unfortunately I never got to experience the second night. Why? Someone died. For those who are new to raving as well, did you know people died at raves?

Life in Color 2015 was another I recently went to and found out another person had died. Why?

Apparently it was due to drugs and overdosing, I think. I pass no judgement when it comes to drugs and whether people do it or not. The option of taking drugs is the person's 'responsibility' to be safe while partying under the influence. 

I will probably never know why people are willing to push their limits to have a "little extra" fun when they could clearly enjoy it sober or even have a few drinks. I guess overdosing is one thing but if you end up with a bad batch of drugs... that is just as lethal.

Many are starting to share the options of "testing" out your drugs before consuming but we all know it's easier to pop one and go party. People seriously need to start paying attention to what they put into their bodies because you only get one life.

[google images]

A little about me when I go to raves:

I have a keen sense of observation and tend to look around constantly observing everything within my sight. Usually, there are people who are sitting against the walls or don't look to comfortable. I go up to them to make sure they are okay and leave them with a smile on their faces. Since I am also a kandi kid, I like to strike up conversations by trading pieces of kandi. 

*If you don't know what kandi is- beads [typically pony beads] and perler beads [iron on/melt] are created into beautiful pieces of bracelets, cuffs, and necklaces. Then they are traded through a special handshake using symbols and words of PLUR

In the end, it's your responsibility to take care of yourself and possibly those around you and always check on each other if you are taking drugs to make sure you guys are safe. 

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